Subfloor preparation

It cannot be stated enough, the importance of Subfloor Preparation, as any installation is only as good as the preparation beneath it. It has to be right to prevent failure and achieve maximum performance from the chosen floor covering. Get this wrong and it could create a lot of stress redoing the job second time around, both from an emotional sense, logistically and financially. For this reason, we ensure we follow the correct procedures, work closely with the manufacturers, and only use the best materials available for the task. Our services include- 


Our services include-

 Moisture readings
 Scabbling
 Shot blasting
 Diamond grinding
 Surface Damp Proof Membranes
 Subfloor repairs
 Application of Smoothing compounds
 Levelling

 Ardex
 F Ball
 Uzin


Our main Suppliers of floor preparation materials are-

Subfloor preparation Weston Floorng

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