Stair Nosings/Edge Trims

In a Commercial Environment, it is important to protect the edge of a stair from excessive wear and to highlight the change in levels so as to reduce accidents by preventing slips and trips. There are many profiles available to suit different stair shapes and thickness of adjoining material. They also come in a variety of materials; Brass, Aluminium, UPVC, and PVC, with different colour inserts available to suit design and to aid visibility. It is also important to select the correct trim when
different finishes abut, whether to cover the join between materials, reduce height or cover an expansion joint. These are all very important as far as Health and Safety are concerned and different levels of slip resistance are also available in some inserts for Nosings and Trims. Our main suppliers of Stair Nosings and Trims are-

 Gradus
 Quantum


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